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MADISON is willing to help with your demands for electronic components.

We are pleased to deliver a broad selection of active, passive and electromechanical components from reliable vendors around the world.

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Customizations and Innovations

We will help you customize your products to meet your demands, whether you are unhappy with the ones you buy, or they are not suitable for your purposes.


We offer insights that will help you keep your stock well organized, and our professionals are also ready to get inventory in an emergency.


Are you searching for component excellence? MADISON collaborates with reliable vendors and offers free samples to guarantee your pleasure!

Rapid and effective Approach

We ensure that we fully comprehend your requirements. This provides complete services, saving everyone time and money.

Who we are?

MADISON offers the experience you need if you search for obsolescent electrical parts. We are experts at locating difficult-to-find, outdated electrical devices everywhere in the world.

MADISON safely supplies and exports passive, active and electromagnetic parts per the clients' requirements around the world. We have been a reputable online supplier of electric and electromagnetic parts supplies for several years. We provide quick shipment on a wide range of items, whether you like to trim to size or purchase in bulk.

We are supplying Strong Networks over the globe to obtain Superior Connections!

Our professionals have a great passion for distributing electrical parts to our clients. Our sector has expanded significantly and has several facets.

What will you get from us?

  • Excellent customer service
  • Quick Shipping
  • Numerous Components in Stock